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Established in 2006, UEM ALERT is a volunteering programme, which serves as a platform for employees to contribute their time, skills and efforts back to the communities. It is a source of great pride that many of our staff volunteer their skills, time and effort. Besides involving in social and environmental-related activities, UEM ALERT also provides immediate post-disaster relief and rehabilitation assistance across Malaysia. We currently have 709 registered volunteers to date in December 2014.

In December 2014, during Malaysia’s worst flood in decades, our Group-wide ALERT Volunteers delivered relief supplies and provisions to over 500 victims at four flood relief centres in Kelantan. PLUS Helicopter Services, provided air transportation to inaccessible areas, as well as transported patients to hospitals in the state. In addition to social and environmental-related activities, our volunteers also provide immediate post-disaster relief and rehabilitation assistance across Malaysia.

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Back to School Programme

The Back-to-School Programme, an annual tradition and key initiative of UEM Group of Companies, aims to reduce the burden of underprivileged children by distributing school supplies.

These include stationeries, bags, songkok, tudung, school uniforms, shoes and socks. Since 2013, our annual Back-to-School programme provided uniforms and other essential school supplies to more than 26,000 students throughout the country from less privileged backgrounds.

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Tabung Zakat

UEM Group’s Tabung Zakat was set up to assist poor and underprivileged communities. Starting from 2014, we donated financial aid and assistance-in-kind to various Asnaf such as Fakir, Miskin or Fisabillilah Islamic organisations to help the underprivileged within the communities that we serve.

The funds from Tabung Zakat have been utilised to finance various initiatives including the repair works at community centre, contribution to masjid, surau and other non-profit organisations, and medical coverage at UKM and UM Medical Centres for the underprivileged patients.

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Malaysians Unite For Road Safety (MUFORS) Programme

MUFORS is a community project established by PLUS in 2009 to educate, advocate and empower Malaysian road users on road safety. MUFORS engages existing and future road users through several platforms, especially social media.

Every year, road safety awareness initiatives such as Gempak MUFORS, and MUFORS Respect Your Limits Seminars are held for target groups such as university students, heavy vehicle drivers, owners and fleet operators.

With the ongoing efforts to make roads safe, MUFORS invited Malaysians to share and submit a creative video this year on what makes good road safety sense. The PLUS MUFORS Road Reels Short Video Competition concluded with these top 3 winners as voted by viewers.

Grand Prize Winner
1st Runner-Up 2nd Runner-Up
Bakri Hafiz Hisham
An Open Letter to Malaysians
Chua Xian Jun
Eggspert Driver
Chen Wei Choon

Visit MUFORS’ Facebook page, for more information on road safety measures, news and tips.

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Community Outreach Programme

UEM Group undertakes various activities to engage and serve the underprivileged in various locations across the country. Our community outreach programme comprises charitable activities which include, but not limited to during the holy month of Ramadhan, as well as adoption of orphanages, old folks homes and surau which are in need of financial and in-kind assistance.

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