Employee Development

We are committed in developing our human capital and we undertake this through a continuous learning approach and a structured talent development programme.

Continuous Learning

Emerging Leadership Program (ELP)

The only way to learn and develop is through the infusion of new challenges on the job - this is the hallmark of UEM Group's Emerging Leadership Program (ELP). As participants go through the 18 months structured programme, they will embark on a journey of learning and development, and emerge as high potential executives who can contribute significantly to the company.

The 18 months programme offers participants the opportunity to acquire exposure and experience across UEM Group of Companies. The programme's administrator will try to match each 6 months attachment to the participant’s background and career inclinations. Throughout the attachment period, participants will be involved in various development interventions and are required to be highly adaptable to new environment and challenges.

Business Leadership Unleashing Excellence (BLUE)

Business Leadership Unleashing Excellence or BLUE is one of the core developmental programmes for ELP. The key component of BLUE is that each participant will go through the process of identifying a Value Added Project (VAP) that can add value to UEM Group or its subsidiaries.

Participants will go through the process of refining their business ideas or concepts and eventually present their ideas to the Group Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer of UEM Group. The idea will then turn to reality as participant is given the opportunity to implement it.

Continuing Education Programme (CEP)

Continuing Education Programme (CEP) was established for employees to pursue continuing education on a part-time basis. UEM Group provides financial assistance to employee who wish to pursue professional qualification such as ACCA, MICPA, CIMA, CPA, Diploma/Advanced Diploma, Degree, Masters, Master of Science in Business Leadership, and other qualifications including Certificates.

Talent Development

As a performance-based organisation, each of our personnel has an opportunity to move up the ladder and the hallmark of success is when an employee is part of the corporate talent pool and successor pool.

Our employees undergo a Talent Development programme where the aim is to equip and develop candidates on the required technical and leadership competencies in line with UEM Group’s Talent Management Framework where we aim to achieve the following – to implement a structured and systematic process to develop future talent for key positions; to develop new graduates to enable us to grow our own leaders to undertake the company’s future plans; and to attract an retain the best talents.


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