Faber Group Berhad

From a Malaysian hospitality concerned established in 1963, Faber Group Berhad has evolved into a leading player of Integrated Facilities Management (IFM) services.

Through its subsidiaries, Faber has grown into one of Malaysia’s largest Hospital Support Services provider for more than 70 government hospitals and 400 healthcare institutions where it provides a range of services such as Facilities Engineering Maintenance Services, Biomedical Engineering Maintenance Services, Cleansing Services, Linen and Laundry Services to Clinical Waste Management Services.

Leveraging on its experience and expertise in providing IFM services to hospitals, commercial and residential properties, both in the public and private sectors, Faber has expanded its international presence to India and United Arab Emirates. Faber adopts best practices and international guidelines to deliver comprehensive and innovative IFM services to various sectors.

Faber Corporate Brochure
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