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05 October 2018

PETALING JAYA, 5 October 2018  - PLUS Malaysia Berhad (PLUS) today signed up 10 major food and beverages brands in an effort to revolutionize its rest and service areas (R&R) on its highways to meet today’s customers’ expectations and preferences.

The brands, Starbucks, Krispy Kreme, Harold’s Bread, Mohd Chan, Famous Amos, A&W, Dunkin Donuts, MyNews, Kenny Rogers and Line Clear will play a crucial role in enhancing travel experience for PLUS customers and at the same time, drive business growth for other business partners at the R&Rs. 

PLUS Managing Director, Datuk Azman Ismail said, “We need to acknowledge that consumer trends are changing rapidly. Based on our recent market research and customer engagement studies, we have identified the different segments and journeys they take on our highways. PLUS is embarking on a new strategy which focuses on brands with a big consumer following this year. By having new brands on board, we see this as an enhanced experience and contribute to the business growth for our business partners.” 

Major trends are all revolving around the digital world where social media platforms are driving our culture and consumption habits. Our foodie culture is now mainstream and the typical food court is no longer preferred. Consumers are spending less on retail, but more on food, entertainment and travel where they buy into ‘experiences’ rather than just ‘products’.

“As such, PLUS needs to evolve from being a highway operator to a service provider which among others, offers a variety of F&B choices at the rest areas. Currently, we are revolutionizing the rest areas into hubs for the local community where they spend quality time with friends and family,” he added. 

Apart from signing with household big brands, PLUS has also embarked on a special program to change the design and experience of selected R&Rs

“The first retrofit was carried out at Rawang R&R where the rest area undergone modifications of the food court area with a minimalist interior, fixtures and fittings. Our next R&R in the pipeline is Machap R&R (Southbound), Gelang Patah R&R (Southbound) and the Sungai Buloh Overhead Bridge Restaurant. Major projects, which involve expansion with a new concept, design and theme, will be carried out at the Seremban R&R (Southbound) and Bukit Gantang (Southbound) in 2019,” Azman explained.

PLUS had also introduced cashless payment pilot projects with BOOST at the Ayer Keroh R&R (Southbound) and Visa PayWave at Dengkil R&R (Northbound) recently.

Azman was quoted at a signing ceremony with major F&B brands at Persada PLUS. Also present were PLUS Chairman, Tan Sri Dato’ Mohd Sheriff Mohd Kassim and Malaysian Highway Authority Director General, Dato’ Sr Aziz Abdullah.

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